Tipping Rules


You tip all games for Super Rugby every week of the competition.

You select a winner and margin - the possible margin is 1-8, 9-16, 17+. This gives you 6 options for every game.

There will be no selection of a draw available. You would have to be crazy to tip it so I am removing the temptation. If there is a draw, nobody scores any points.


  • Tip result and margin correctly -> 10 points.
  • Tip result correctly and adjacent to margin -> 7 points. (adjacent means tip 17+ or 1-8 and result is 9-16 - NOTE that for a tip of 9-16 to be considered adjacent to a 17+ scoreline, the game must finish within the margin 17-24, if margin is greater than 24 only 5 points are scored)
  • Tip result correctly and not adjacent to margin -> 5 points. (means tip 17+ and result is 1-8)
  • Tip result incorrectly and adjacent to margin -> 2 points. (tip 1-8 one way and it finishes 1-8 the other way)

Anything else scores zero.

Each week there will be a maximum of 80 points to score.

Late Tips

If you have a problem tipping then send a PM to Kiwipie before the games start will count.

Late tips count for the games that are still to be played that weekend. If you don’t have a tip in for a game, you get Away Team 17+


A team consists of 6 players. A team score is the average of the top 5 scores for the team rounded to the nearest whole number.

Matches are determined as per Super Rugby rules, most points wins the team 4 points. Bonus point for 3 correct margins more than the opposition team. Given that most people will be tipping similar results, there will be a good chance for some close results – and maybe draws – 2 points for a draw.


All scores will be posted to this website, there will be in-play scores on those weekends where I get the chance to do an update.

If you don't like any of the rules - go play in another competition!